About the project

The project

The project proposal “Stage against alienation” aims to develop an innovative educational product through a strategic partnership between five organizations from Europe and Asia
with different profiles and experiences working with children and youth in the field of culture and art. The participating organizations are Bulgaran Theater, Varna, Azim Travel Service
LLC from Uzbekistan and Janina Stopperka Zang from the Netherlands and Caterinox Endustriyel Mutfak Ekipmanlari Sanayi Ve Ticaret Ltd Sti – Turkey

As a result of the implementation of the project activities will be developed:

– Innovative pedagogical strategy for the use of the performing arts for the development of the child’s personality and prevention of alienation in society.

– Educational performance for children with theater and classical music, performed live by children involved in the created method.

The use of the product will contribute to a positive impact on the following target groups:

The use of the innovative product in the education of children and young people aged 3-15 will support the professional work of young teachers, creative teachers and pedagogues
and other staff in the learning process.

Our plan

In order to achieve the set project goal, the implementation of the following project activities is envisaged:


The educational performance and the developed pedagogical strategy for its development and presentation to children will be available to the general public in 3 languages – Bulgarian, English and Turkish.

All organizations interested in the topic of the use of classical music and theater in the educational process of children will be able to use the gratuitously developed pedagogical strategy and the innovative educational product, which will be uploaded in the platform for sharing results under the Erasmus + program.

The project will be used in the future work of organizations and their partners. Thus, we plan to create an international socie ty that will maintain its online connection and build on what has been created by including new measures, art techniques and techniques.

The sustainability of the project after its completion is related to providing an opportunity for partner organizations and pedagogical specialists to use in their work with children and youth the created innovative educational product. The children will enjoy the effects of the created product, but through the constant implementation in the work of pedagogues and educators.

Organizations will ensure the maximum dissemination of the benefits of the product through the networks in which they participate and through their associated partnerships with institutions at local, regional and national level and you can be part of it by filling the survei here.